Glenn is a brilliant writer–passionate, perceptive, and inventive. His use of language reveals the soul of a poet.

Anthony Robbins

Glenn is a uniquely thoughtful writer and editor with an intuitive, spirit-driven approach. HisFamily Circle articles about happiness and gratitude are classics. I always look forward to working with him—and so will you!

Deepak Chopra, MD

Glenn is one of my all-time favorite interviewers—a man of vision who is thorough yet easy to speak to. After an hour with Glenn, I am the one who is inspired! He is passionate and includes himself enthusiastically in a peaceful interchange–and follows through with a printed article that makes everyone concerned exceptionally proud.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

When Glenn first interviewed me, I was struck by his sensitivity, the depth of his questions, and his ability to establish instant rapport. His elegant writing and ability to capture the message was without peer.

Marianne Williamson

Richard Carlson, Ph.D.; Cherly Richardson; Dr. John F. Demartini