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Ann McIndoo, Author, Speaker, Writing Coach:“Glenn's report was incredibly detailed, chapter by chapter. Particularly helpful were his suggestions for turning an average sentence into a tightly-focused one. He also gave me a list of things to tighten up, questions to answer, and content suggestions. It was invaluable.”

Adam D. Witty, CEO Advantage Media Group:"Glenn Plaskin's manuscript critique and review was right on target! Glenn's in-depth report was extensively detailed, providing analysis and suggestions for improvement of one of our manuscripts.As a publisher, having access to Glenn makes our books better. We have gained a great deal by working with Glenn, and I am confident that you will too."

Mike Tate, Vantage Associates, Inc.– Management Consultants: “A good editor is known for his or her decisive candor balanced by a caring commitment to a person success. I have experienced those qualities in your critique of my manuscript. Within days of receiving your report, I reworked my book with a new sense of confidence and renewed commitment to meeting my deadline. Thank you, Glenn.”

Keith Ayers, Integro Leadership Institute:"I asked Glenn to do a manuscript review for my first book. I am so glad I did! His feedback started at the macro level on the structure and flow of the book, and then delved into the micro level to dissect each chapter. At this level Glenn made specific recommendations on how and why I needed to edit what I had written, and what to leave out. His candid, comprehensive report has been very valuable in helping me improve my writing and I would recommend Glenn to anyone who is not already a best selling author."

Barbara Walters: “Wonderfully at ease in his writing relaxed and revealing about those he interviews. In just a few sentences, we get a full impression. This is not easy.”

Liz Smith: “Beg,borrow, orsteal these wonderful Glenn Plaskin intviews. They’ve become a must for insiders. Glenn can get it all out of them every time.”
Celebrity Service: “When it comes to the brutally competitive world of celebrity journalism, no one is more successful at nailing down the big names than entertainment reporter Glenn Plaskin.”