James Roche, Marketing & Information Product Strategist— “Brilliant editors are very hard to come by these days. That’s why Glenn is such a rare find. He is a master of his craft and a joy to work with. He understands how the overall ”architecture” of a manuscript needs to flow as well as how to make the details in your manuscript really shine. Hire this man today before he’s booked up!”

Toni Coleman, Relationship Coach,“Glenn is warm, engaging, and humorous– and his ability to glean relevant information and present it in an engaging and thoughtful way is his signature style. His extensive writing and editing background, combined with strength of personality would enable even the most timid new writer to achieve success. I can’t imagine anyone more qualified to assist others in the process of creating a book.”

Patricia Varley, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach:"Glenn's creative writing and editing expertise was an invaluable resource in taking my book to the next level. His thorough and insightful report was an important asset in getting my manuscript ready to be published. Thank you Glenn for your honest feedback and support."

Ellen Meyer, Author: “The report I received from Glenn offered a concise and detailed review of my manuscript. He was supportive but also candid. One thing that really helped was including examples of re-written sentences! His response time was fast and focused.”

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Playboy “One of the few interviewers we turn to with full confidence. Glenn establishes trust, he's an exceptional listener, and has an unparalleled track record of news making profiles.”

Family Circle “Glenn is the kind of writer that gets it right on the first take. He is gifted at interviewing both celebrities and experts on psychological subjects – and is a master at service journalism. My top editors consider him one of the best in the business.”