Editing Services: Once your book has been evaluated, you may want to take advantage of a more thorough editorial treatment of your manuscript. Plaskin will line edit the entire manuscript, correcting common errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as incorrect usages, logic lapses, and continuity problems. He also provides suggestions on overall structure, sequencing, and flow.

General Rewriting:
Sometimes an author has an excellent idea, but does not have the time or the expertise to complete the book themselves or to develop their writings into a finished product. For anyone who finds themselves in that position, Plaskin offers a set of collaborative services.

Substantive Rewriting: Using your initial draft as a guide, he will execute whatever changes might be required for publication submission. He will develop your themes, refine the language, rewrite sentences as needed, rework the overall structure, and compose effective structure divisions and chapter titles creating a smooth prose flow. The final result will be a polished manuscript that can either be submitted to a commercial publisher or self-published.