Friendly Ghostwriting of a different kind–Glenn's Halloween Treat!
"Ghostwriting a book is all about capturing the authentic voice of the subject. It requires an ability to step into another person’s shoes and create a compelling narrative that truly mirrors the precise message intended and the natural language patterns of the subject."

As he has done in the past with celebrity authors, self-help figures, and prominent businessmen, Plaskin will write your entire book from start to finish. He will create an overall structure for the book, conduct extensive tape-recorded interviews with the author, complete all necessary research, and compose a narrative text that reflects the authentic voice of the subject.

Autobiography/Memoir: Books that capture your unique life experience

Psychology: Books about relationships, growth, changing attitudes & old habits, feeling happier

Self-help/Motivation: 'How-to' books incorporating step-by-step concise direction

Inspiration: Meditative, faith-based books about love, gratitude, grace, forgiveness

Health–Diet/Exercise/Longevity: Books about mind, body and soul

Business Excellence: Your legacy, a book summarizing leadership principles and vision

The memoir I create is a dramatic, detailed account of your life, which takes months to ghostwrite and edit. My fee ranges from $85,000 to $175,000 depending on the length of the book and my estimate of the time involved.

All of our conversations by phone or in person are recorded. My fee covers all transcription costs, which are considerable as we commonly talk for 30-40 hours.