Read your text OUT LOUD – because the ear always detects mistakes in syntax much more effectively than the eye. Therefore, the quickest “fix” for any manuscript is an oral reading.

The critique of your preliminary draft will be a detailed Analysis and Review Report of approx. 5,000 words. The fee for the report is based upon the length and complexity of the manuscript, usually starting at $2500. The final report includes:

• A broad overall assessment pinpointing strengths and weaknesses related to structure, style, and content.

• A chapter-by-chapter analysis of how effectively your main messages have been transmitted and focused.

• How and where to expand content to improve continuity and pacing.

• Tips on using language to capture your unique voice more effectively.

• Before-and-after examples of rewritten sentences – demonstrating the recommended changes, giving you a head start towards revising and shaping your manuscript into its most polished form for final editing.

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